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An R&D unit at the service of our customers

In order to better characterise our products and provide concrete solutions for our customers, we have set up an R&D unit within EUROCOB.

Data characterization

Through our cooperation with universities, laboratories and partner companies, we have been able to collect a wide range of data that can be used in various fields: animal health and nutrition, biological control, biopolymers, filtration, etc.

Data accessibility

This data is available on request. Its objective is to allow you to better visualise the potential of corn cob and to support you in the first stages of developing your new products.

Client satisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is our main priority, so we continuously work on characterising our products and are attentive to your needs. Do not hesitate to let us know your requirements, we will be able to advise as best we can.


Custom studies

Custom studies

Our desire for transparency and efficiency has led us to carry out preliminary analyses of our products ourselves.

Advantages  eu-feeds

Gain de temps Time saving This process is part of our aim for efficiency and support for our customers and allows you to save time during laboratory testing.
Adaptation Adaptation In addition, our preliminary analyses can be further developed according to customers’ requests. This is to optimise the characteristics of our solutions for applications requiring special qualities.
Démarche de service MORE
« This approach is in line with EUROCOB’s desire to offer the best possible service to our customers. »

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